Certified Wellbeing Specialist™

Over the last decade, we have seen shifts in the way we classify and define wellness programs. More
recently we have witnessed a shift from corporate wellness programs targeting mere physical health to
more holistic approaches focusing on employee well-being strategies. In today’s corporate environment
employers are taking a look at the emotional, mental, spiritual and financial health within their
workforce and in the corporate culture their organization embodies.
In an effort to support this evolution and shift, the Corporate Health & Wellness Association has
launched a Wellbeing Certification™ for industry professionals.
The Certified Wellbeing Specialist™ is a certification of expertise for those human resource professionals
and individuals involved in wellbeing in the workplace.
Benefits of Becoming a Certified Wellbeing Specialist™:
  • Possess more knowledge to successfully complete your HR job duties in relation to wellbeing strategies in the workplace
  • To show that your experience and knowledge in corporate wellbeing
  • Possess the qualifications and abilities for job promotion and career enhancement continuing education courses required for recertification
Benefits for Organizations hiring a Certified Wellbeing Specialist™:
By choosing to work with a professional who has been certified in corporate wellbeing, you are showing
your clients that your support staff are educated and have been trained on wellbeing strategies and that
they have passed an exam showing basic knowledge of wellbeing in the workplace.
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